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1 Day Pass: Eighty Twenty One Rule
  •  Living the life of 1%er
  •  Customize your success *Clone Vs Customize
  •  Become a 7 Figure Earner in Business & Life
  •  Channel Your Fear as a 1%er
  •  Dealing with "No" like a 1%er
  •  Recession Proof
  •  Find your why...what drives you
2 Day Pass: Building
  •  How to attract the 1% and build a Dream Team
  •  Customize your 1% success plan
  •  How to have awareness of a 1%er
  •  How to find your unique gift
  •  How to meet the markets needs
  •  How to corner the market
  •  Find your why...what drives you 
  •  1%er test
  •  Members will be given 3 calls (1 a month) for the first quarter 

Eric Thomas

Eric Thomas, Ph.D. is a critically acclaimed author, World-renowned speaker, educator, pastor and Audie Awards Finalist. ET, as he is better known, has taken the world by storm, with his creative style and high-energy messages. His words continue to impact tens of millions of people in several hundred countries across the planet! Through a significant social media presence aand his recent domestic and international tours, “ET, The Hip Hop Preacher” has become a global phenomenon!

Cole Hatter

Cole Hatter is an entrepreneur, investor, and award-winning speaker. He invests in real estate, start-ups, and several funds exceeding $100 million. Cole is the founder of Thrive: Make Money Matter, an annual conference designed to teach entrepreneurs how to dominate in business and in life, while making the world a better place.  Cole is a husband, father and philanthropist that strives to give back.  Cole’s greatest passion is working to encourage, educate and empower people to live their lives in a way that makes a measurable difference in the world. 

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